If it’s summer, there must be conferences

Both Stephanie and Nancy are presenting papers at conferences this summer.

JoanFosterEuropeStephanie offers a paper entitled “Independent  women:  education  and  economics  in  US  and  UK  early  twentieth  century,” which considers the relationship between education, economics and young women’s independence as it was presented to teenage readers of school and college fiction in the first fifty years of the twentieth century. This paper is part of the proceedings at the International Standing Committee on the History of Education (ISCHE) conference held in Buenos Aires.

coverNancy returns to the Camden campus of Rutgers University (where she worked for many years) to give a paper at the biennial conference of the Society for the History of Children and Youth (SHCY). Her paper, “Career Girls and Homemakers: Advice for High School Girls,” explores how the pages of Co-ed magazine served as a source of informal education for American teenage girls in the long 1950s as they began the transition from schoolgirl to career woman or homemaker.


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